The name for this blog was inspired by a little café and used record store in Shimokitazawa, an outer neighborhood of Tokyo, that I visited in August 2010. The menu for City Country City now hangs on the wall of my kitchen.

Initially I was simply drawn to the name, but after spending part of an afternoon sitting at an old wooden table eating basic but delicious food and writing postcards to my friends back home, I appreciated how the aesthetic related back to the name. Like a lot of rustic Japanese design, the cafe is simple and minimal, but set amidst the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Those couple hours I spent in the café gave me energy to go back out into the city, with all the people, neon lights, and heavy traffic.

Throughout my life I’ve lived in dramatically different settings: from the rural, isolated Coast Range mountains of Western Oregon to New York City — I’ve grown to appreciate both environments. The goal of this blog is to explore this dichotomy and what I love about each place.


My name is Anne Parker. Please be in touch.


Flickr: flickr.com/wearingbrown
Tumblr: summergoals.tumblr.com
Book: Summer Goals via Publication Studio
Email: wearingbrown@gmail.com
Instagram: @anne_parker



  1. What a neat story behind your blog name 🙂

  2. Love the blog name. Found you on Instagram (me = rain8365) wonderful pictures! inspiring!

  3. Bethany Bruder

    Hello! I just found your blog via instagram and I fell a bit in love with it. The simplicity of it all is so gorgeous to me. I was wondering what you do as a career? How you got to be where you are? I hope I am not being too personal. I couldn’t help but feel a bit curious.
    Thank you for giving me something so pretty to look at.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog! And Immediately I can tell, I’ll be enjoying your past posts and will be visiting often! I’ve not previously seen any other blog use the type of layout that you use for your posts, it almost looks like a tumblr page.

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