Hey there. It’s been a long while.

Summer came and went. The leaves have changed, and now much of them have fallen. I’ve began listening to Christmas music — only the instrumental stuff at this point — and am looking forward to cozy nights inside (like tonight).

First though, I want to share one of my favorite summer memories. In early September Halley and I spent a couple nights at the Fall Mountain Lookout Tower in the Malheur National Forest. After years of wanting to stay at one of them, I finally remembered to book it when they become available in August. It was well worth the wait. This place was magic.



During one of the days, we drove a couple hours to Strawberry Lake. The water was frigid, filled with algae, and the air teaming with bugs, but we made our way around the lake and found a perfect spot to call our own. In typical Anne/Halley fashion, I lounged around and devoured my Neil Young book, and Halley tromped up a mountain and found handfuls of little treasures. We sat beside the water, transfixed watching an osprey dive down time after time to catch a fish, always to no avail.

Also in typical us fashion, once back at the lookout, we feasted on some of the best salmon either of us had ever eaten. We ate, drank, and fell asleep watching shooting stars from bed as our eyelids were too heavy to keep open.

On the way home we stopped at my favorite secret swim spot on the John Day River, ate ice cream in a one light town, and rolled into Portland with dirty, windblown hair and full hearts.

I have more photos and more stories from the summer, so if I get my act together, I’ll post more of them soon.




  1. Erin

    Motivating me to check this off my to do list as well. Maybe during my week at home this winter…

  2. These photos are fantastic! A nice reminder of summer đŸ™‚ xo

  3. this is such a beautiful place to be in + you write beautifully as well! (came here from the link you shared on instagram)

  4. I loved the Strawberry Lakes. The upper one is even more majestic than the lower, if you ever go back.

  5. These are amazing! I would so love to spend a night or two in the cabin. đŸ™‚

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