Small Houses

As I was scanning pages from the Lofts book that I recently bought, I decided to look up other books that Jeffrey Weiss put out. My quick internet search showed this one, Small Houses, which I realized that I already own but had forgotten about.  I got this book at a yard sale last summer for  25 cents from an older eccentric man who must have been an interior decorator based on the stuff he was selling. His taste seemed pretty gaudy, so I’m sure this book was a relic from years past when his taste was more modest.


When I was a little girl, in kindergarten, we would have breaks during class to play. Most kids would play house in the small model kitchen we had in the back of the classroom. At age 5, for some reason, I thought I was too old for that, so I would usually sit on the rug and do something else on my own. Similarly, throughout elementary school I didn’t watch cartoons — they were too immature. Instead, I would wake up just as early on Saturday mornings to watch a public access show called Show Your Home. This was pre-HGTV, and the only show like it that was on to my knowledge. On this very sophisticated program, the local real estate agents in Eugene would give tours of homes for sale. Usually they were split-level ranch style homes: three bedrooms, two baths, double car garage, wall to wall carpet, etc. Whenever I’d go into town with my parents, I’d always grab the free real estate magazines outside of the grocery stores. I got so good at estimating the value of a house that I’d walk into any home and guess the square footage and value. I’m sure this provides some weird insight into my character that I’d rather not delve into.

I have absolutely no idea where this interest came from, but it’s stayed with me my entire life. Now my friends turn to me to find them apartments or houses, as sifting through the Craigslist rentals to find a rare gem is one of my resumé-worthy skills. I would forever be content if I could find a place like one of these small houses to call my own.

All photos are scans of the Lila Gault & Jeffrey Weiss book Small Houses.



  1. Jen

    Great book- good inspiration even after all this time. And from reading the above description of your childhood self, I’m almost positive we would have been friends right away- I was also one of “those” kids. As for your gift at finding craig-list gems, I guess I know who I’ll be calling when I finally get to Portland 🙂

  2. love this book. some of the images remind me of the small cottage my parents lived in when i was little. also, loved the pics from your parents wedding

  3. Hi, One day I am certain you will build your own! 😉 Cute, cozy and charming.

  4. Tim

    Small homes seem to be so practical that they are by their very nature completely timeless. I just checked out five quite inspiring books from the library on types of houses (and beautiful examples of each around the states) and how to build affordably. I think there really is something properly sentimental about having a personal escape like what you’ve shown here, no matter how small.

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