One of my favorite things to do is to go thrifting. Either alone or with a friend, or even my mom. At the Goodwill down the street, or in small towns around the state — it’s sort of an addiction. Not an unhealthy one though, I don’t think.

Over the past few months, I’ve acquired some little treasures. A wool blanket for $6 in rural Oregon, a wooden cutting board for a couple dollars in the Berkshires, mismatched silver utensils in the Hudson Valley, a copper saucepan in some small town outside of Portland, and a bunch of other things in thrift stores around town. My sister found these ceramic plates at a local shop, and luckily knew I’d love them.

I’m usually too impatient to look for clothing, and always go straight to the housewares. At every store, my favorite aisle is the one with the baskets and wooden things. Glass jars, wicker baskets, ceramic mugs (or plates, or bowls…), wooden spoons and cutting boards, natural textiles — these are all things I collect. I admit that I do enjoy a trip to Ikea from time to time, but it’s important to me to have good quality, well-built things in my house. And because of that I prefer worn, imperfect to new and sleek pieces.

In her last years, my grandma would always send all her house guests home with something from her closet or kitchen cupboards. And they were definitely not always things we wanted. Sometimes I think that one day I’ll be one of those old women who spends her time in thrift stores, buying strange and unique gifts for friends just because she thinks they’d like them. Then I remember that I already do that.



  1. I think it’s safe to say this is a widespread addiction. Being able to curate finds well is certainly another story, but I also find myself making a beeline for housewares. Usually I’m looking for Pyrex or yet another coffee mug to add to my already handsome collection. I do usually have the patience for clothing though, as a good button down shirt is always worth the search.

    • I’m not sure why I thought I was unique in this addiction. All of my friends suffer from the same problem! I do seem to have a special knack of buying things that go well together though. I’m sure you’re an expert curator as well.

  2. Emily

    I was just thrifting and found a special gift for you!

  3. i never have patience to look through clothing either, sometimes i try but never come out with anything i really love. my friends will go to stores and come out with the most amazing things and i always wish i had that clothes-thrifting talent haha.

    i love that wool blanket and the little pouch in the last photo : )

  4. I have an aunt in new hampshire who perpetually finds great things and gives them away. She says it gives her more space to buy new stuff- but the day I walked out with a set of danish 1960s enameled cast iron pans felt like stealing. She said they were too heavy to use??

    • WOW! Your aunt is an angel. I think the thrifting up in NH is pretty amazing, too, judging from the brief time I spent there. (Oh, and thanks for reading my little blog!)

  5. Jiji

    I found you while browsing the aisles of my heart.

  6. Thrifting is therapy for me. I definitely prefer to do it alone though because sometimes i’ll spend 5 minutes in a place . . . or 2 hours. Great finds!!

  7. Just discovered your blog and this post, and I’m really enjoying it. Hooray for wooden spoons!

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